Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2012 London Olympians Training with Lee Brandon, CSCS

Marcus Rogan, 2 Time Olympic Medalist(left)
Lee Brandon, CSCS (middle)
Ed Moses, Olympic Gold Medalist

(C) Photo provided by courtesy of Judy Francesconi

Don't try this at home! Over head squat with bands! Wow!!!

"Marcus redefines Leonardo Di Vinci Vitruvian man. His genetically gifted real estate, are matched by his work ethic and discipline. A rare combination, indeed!" says Brandon. "It is a real honor to work with such a driven athlete!
We have 554 days till the Olympics and we are focused in preparing him to peak at the right time. He is right on track."

Marcus placed second in Dubai at the World Championships in December, setting a personal best after on 2 months with Brandon. He is right there with Ryan Locte (American Gold medalist), without the pressure of target on his back!

"We are in the hunt, and the world class field in London will be dealing with a shredded #225 pound Lion in the pool".

Let's watch this lion attack!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

AB-Inforcer helps Arthritis Sufferer

-- Sandy Ruben: 65 year old retired Librarian(Results may vary based on individual) 

“If you have arthritis, I have some advice for you. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I was told that there was no cure. 

Lee Brandon "ROCK STAR" trainer to the stars


Working with Lee Brandon, CSCS has been the best investment ever … Not only has she helped to transform my body in radically miraculous ways, but I now have phenomenal postural awareness which I never have had in my life.

"I used the AB-Inforcer to comeback and win my race!

 I had chronic lower back, hip and knee pain due to so many years of poor mechanics. 

Lee's training system and the Core Biofeedback Trainer not only turned my life around, but allowed me to run a personal best!"

John C.

Age 54



Finally Markus Rogan, 2 time Olympic medalist, has someone new to help him get whipped into shape for the world championships in Dubai. This however is not a girlfriend but Lee Brandon a fitness trainer who has helped pro football players get into shape. Besides water training he works out in a gym in Santa Monica, 20 min from his home on the beach. Rogan loves his trainer, she focuses on his core, stomach muscles and hips. He says we are doing exercises I have never done before, and new strength training is always good, I feel fitter than ever.
Marcus said: "Lee Brandon will keep him hot and help him reach his goal."

"Thanks Lee for your wisdom and guidance! 

The AB-Inforcer is an invaluable tool for me.

 Looking forward to more personal bests and here's to

 "smelling GOLD!" 

Marcus Rogan- 2 Time Olympic Swimmer, 2 Time Silver medalist