Thursday, September 29, 2011

Japan Olympian and Austrian Legend Blow Away the Gym with Olympic Intensity

Santa Monica, California:

LEE BRANDON, CSCS, (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Olympic Strength Coach), tore down the gym last Friday.

"Hidemasa Sano (Japan Olympian) and Marcus Rogan (Austrian Olympian) are two of the greatest swimmers in the world, and show through their hard work ethic, and close attention to form why they are constantly performing at a high level!"

"I have trained many genetic mutants in my 30 years as a strength coach" states Brandon, "it never gets old watching greatness perform right in front of your eyes.  So many up and coming athletes want to skip the hard work part of being great!  No one's ever drowned in a puddle of sweat, and watching these two athletes bring their Olympic spirit of intensity to the gym, challenges everyone in the space to elevate and push to another level!  They are great for a's not just a genetic gift.  They work hard to duplicate greatness.  Anyone can win once...but can you remain the top of your game for years?  Is it possible to duplicate greatness?  These two gentlemen prove duplication of great performances is possible!!!"

 Keep your eye out for these two in London 2012 Olympics.

In This Photo: Hidemasa Sano

Hidemasa Sano swims the Freestyle portion of the Men's 200 IM Prelim during the Long Beach Grand Prix on January 18, 2010 in Long Beach, California.
(January 17, 2010 - Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images North America)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: Lee's Keynote for FBI National Training Academy a Success

Santa Monica, California:

"It was such an honor to speak to such a distinguished group of powerful professionals from all over the country who had completed the YELLOW BRICK ROAD course at the FBI National Academy," stated Lee Brandon, CSCS. "Honestly, I was not sure what significant tid-bit I might be able to bring to the table that a room full of experts had not heard before regarding motivation and wellness for Law Enforcement, but the feedback we got was amazing."  
  After Lee spoke over 15-20 stayed for an extra 30 minutes getting additional tips and strategies for their local Sworn and Civilian staff.  
   This event will now be followed up with a series of events at local agencies around the country introducing the IPT Training Program for Law Enforcement (Injury Prevention Training).  
The Riverside County Law Enforcement Administration Association (RCLEAA),  has invited all Asst. Deputy and Deputy Chiefs to attend an event coming up in October where Lee will be a keynote speaker for this pioneering program offering solutions to Law Enforcement agencies regarding avoiding injuries and simple preventative solutions that are cost effective and innovative!
"Lee is so full of life and inspiring" stated Captain Able from Corona Police Department, "that when I saw her speak at the FBI NAA event, I knew she would be inspiring for our brass here in San Bernadino and Riverside counties."

We will keep you posted.  

Feel free to contact us is interested in Lee coming to your area and doing a presentation: