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DRIVING FORCE: Lee Brandon, CSCS Cover Story in SouthlandGolf magazine, writer; Mike Lednovich

Secrets to my Longer drives:  For full article in Southland Golf magazine Page. 48-49
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Creating shoulder rotation is key to maintaining a tall posture

Goal:  For those wanting more LENGTH off the tee.

1.  MUSCLES:  Lats, shoulders, arms

2.  ACTION:  
                  a.  Select a stable bar approximately chest height.   
                  b.  Stand perpendicular to the bar and take your address position by bowing forward and arching your back with your arms holding on to the bar mimicking your finish position first.  
                  c.  Make sure your posture is tall and your head is in line with your entire spine.
                  d.  Shoulder blades retract and de-elevate as the first start of the move (Down and back).  Think Shoulders down and back so your chin can turn over your shoulder facing the ground. 
                  e.  With the arms straight, fire your Lats and triceps (back of the upper arm) for full range stretch on the tendons and muscles .  Golf swings dictate a quiet head, replicate this mechanism in the gym while lifting.
                  f.  Hold for 10-30 seconds pretending your bracing your entire spine creating a better shoulder turn pointing your belt buckle to the ground.

3.  TIPS:
                  a.  The lats connect your arms to your spine all the way down to your tail bone.  
                  b.  Cautious not to over arch your back or elevate your shoulders getting into your neck.  
                  c.  THINK A TALL THOUGHT!
                  d.  Spin around and then execute the same stretch mimicking your back swing take-a-way.

Load and lift in the gym to undo rotations the swing creates!   Above is a wide cable row maintaining a tall postured position!!!

Goal:  For those wanting more POWER off the tee.

1.  MUSCLES:  Lats, shoulders, arms

2.  ACTION:  
                  a.  Select a weight you can do aprox. 10-15 repetitions  
                  b.  hold grip lightly as you would in your golf grip...feel your strength i your finger tips
                  c.  Shoulder blades retract and de-elevate as the first start of the pull.  Think Shoulders down and back.  If there were a pencil between your shoulder blades, it should snap!
                  d.  when the arms straighten, fire your triceps (back of the upper arm) for full range stretch on the tendons and muscles at the elbows and between the shoulders with out your head moving.  Golf swings dictate a quiet head, replicate this form in the gym while lifting.

3.  TIPS:
                    a.  The lats connect your arms to your spine all the way down to your tail bone.  
                  b.  Cautious not to over arch your back or elevate your shoulders getting into your neck.  
                  c.  THINK A TALL THOUGHT!

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tall posture at address
Stay tall through impact

332 yard drive at impact

PGA show Jan. 2013 with Lisa Vlooswyck, Canadian Champion

Monday, September 23, 2013

GOLF WEEK: Long-drive legends: Lee Brandon takes sport in new direction

Long-drive legends: Lee Brandon takes sport in new direction

Lee Brandon overcame nearly severing her arm to becoming the women's long-drive champion. In the upper right photo, Brandon is pictured with LPGA legend Laura Davies.
Lee Brandon overcame nearly severing her arm to becoming the women's long-drive champion. In the upper right photo, Brandon is pictured with LPGA legend Laura Davies.
Editor's note: The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship started Sept. 18 in Mesquite, Nev., and will finish with the Open Division finals Oct. 30 in Las Vegas. To celebrate the event, which attracts hundreds of golfers from dozens of countries, Golfweek is compiling a series of profiles of prominent long-drive participants who helped shape the sport.
One moment, Lee Brandon was a rising star in the arena of strength training and physical conditioning. She was an assistant trainer for the New York Jets, the first women to hold such a position in the National Football League.
The next moment, she was falling through a glass doorway and severing her left arm almost completely. The incident occurred before stricter regulations on the construction of glass doors were enacted.
Brandon ultimately would recover and become the women’s world champion in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. Looking back, it was the accident that set the tone for her life.
“I remember waking up (from surgery),” she said. “I expected my arm to be gone. I looked over, and it was there. I couldn’t feel it, but it was there.”
A doctor approached her. “We used an experimental procedure,” he said. “We don’t know if we’ll have to remove your arm.”
Gradually she regained feeling – and then motion – in the arm. As this was happening, she made up her mind that she, as a trainer, would help as many people as possible with their physical problems, big or small. She would devote her life to it.
“At first, I thought my life was over,” Brandon said. “Then I realized I had to readjust my thinking.”
Today Brandon, 51, is known as an expert in coping with or eliminating back pain among athletes. She trains individuals in many sports. Her clients range from Olympians to celebrities to ordinary people. She also is a popular motivational speaker, spreading the gospel of dedicated training.
Golf became her litmus test, if you will. She was 35 and had never hit a golf ball in her life. Regardless, one of her clients challenged her to a long-drive contest. If she won, the client would buy her a membership at a golf club along with golf lessons. If he won, his prize would be free training for a year.
She won, slugging a 265-yard drive with an awkward stance and grip.
“I don’t care that I’m the oldest woman in the competition,” Brandon said at the 2013 RE/MAX World Championship. “If I can help reinforce the importance of golf fitness, then I’m making an important contribution. This long-drive championship is a showcase for fitness.”
Brandon is a tall, strong woman who has surpassed 350 yards in long-drive competition under favorable conditions. “I don’t feel bad about being powerful and gifted,” she said. “If there are 40 to 50 million women my size, I would like to encourage all of them to use their natural athletic talents.”
Observed Art Sellinger, founder and CEO of Long Drivers of America, which runs the world championship: “The RE/MAX does more than just shine a spotlight on men and women who can hit the golf ball a very long way. It recognizes some people who believe in helping others and who make the world a better place.
“What Lee has done is remarkable, and we are honored to have her as a past champion in this event.”
Hint: Guys, forget all the testosterone talk and man-up rhetoric. Do not challenge her to a long-drive contest.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Well, it's 102 outside today.
Fabulously dry!  Oh, so amazing...
Just to be here is so exciting!
Visualization at the empty grid prior to the event is powerful home field advantage. 
Why am I here?  I love this adrenaline.  I love this sport. I already have the ring and Tee shirt, so truly I'm here to have fun and enjoy such a wonderful event and powerful group of women.
 In the end, after all is said and done, the events over, it's our friends and family that make sanity out of the insanity!!!  
For example,  After 30 years, my favorite HS Geometry teacher-- Mr. DiGiovanni-- and I reconnected for lunch in LV prior to the Championships.
His influence, belief and support, in part, inspired me to invent the AB-Inforcer(R) Core Biofeedback Trainer.  It is now being used as a therapeutic training tool in over 300 clinics for those with bad backs!  It's simple geometry that teaches bracing for bad backs. 
In the end, I am constantly reminded, winning is not always about being the best in the World, but our investment in others that cross our paths!  There's no ring from great memories, no Tee shirt for silent investments in others lives-- manner a fact, Mr. D's selfless investment in my life has made me a better person. His belief helped me find my brilliance, and now downstream his selfless deeds are impacting thousands! 
I am here to hit 5 sets (2 min, 45 sec per set) of six golf balls, someone will win!  I will give it 100% because that's all I know how to do. If I am blessed to be the last women standing, we will celebrate...if not we stand and celebrate any way because we have already won!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DRIVING DISTANCE: Southland Golf - Sep 2013

I am so excited to share this article with you all.  I had the honor of doing a photo shoot and share some (not all :)) of my secrets to distance and power in Southland Golf - Sep 2013.

Watch for the RE/MAX World Championships at for streaming results...
Champions win belts this year!  I guess I've always had belt envy with those boxers...I love my ring!

For those of you interested in Training services or purchasing an AB-Inforcer Wholesale, contact us directly at for details...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Lee Brandon's Story: Champion Insights

I love the song by Garth Brooks, "Unanswered Prayers" because it allows me to put into one of my  life files the things I can't control nor understand!

 I have 3 Life files:

1.  The one that holds all the things I can understand, control and work on...TODAY!
2.  The To Do file:  My action lists and future steps I would like to control... TOMORROW!
3.  AND MY" I DONT UNDERSTAND IT" FILE...  For everything else unexplainable.

Believe it or not, this gives me a great sense of comfort knowing this file exists and that I can look back after numerous years, and re open that, "I DONT UNDERSTAND IT" FILE,  and see that it actually had great significance in forming who I am today!

For example, In 1979 I had a near death experience after falling through a plate glass window in a locker room door.  Nt only was my arm reattached, but my olympic dreams and collegiate competitive career was ended before it began.  While my peers were out dating and having fun,...I was in therapy every night trying to retrain my fingers and hand to work.  I was resentful, and had a hard time in college understanding "why me"!

One of my college professors, Dr. Albert, sat me down with his wife and said something I will never forget!  "THROW OUT THE TAPE!"  YOU MIGHT NOT EVER UNDERSTAND IT(why bad, unexplainable things happen), WHY YOU HAD THE LOSS AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE!  STOP REPLAYING THE LOSS AND TELLING THE STORY OVER AND OVER!  THROW OUT THE TAPE."  That day I created a pact with myself to put my loss behind me and file it in my "I DONT UNDERSTAND IT" FILE, and stop focusing on my loss!

Today, 33 years later, I can say that my near loss of my left arm, is one of the greatest things that happened to me.   It allows me to be a great coach, teacher, and mentor because there is not a pain I haven't felt twice or a day I didn't feel like quitting!  If you don't feel like quitting, your not trying hard enough!

I just found this link to a video someone shot when I spoke to the Physical Therapy Chapter at Oklahoma University in Tulsa to PT's, Doctors, and PT aides.

For those of you going through tough times.  Create a "I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT FILE" and throw out the negative tapes, victimized language, and create a new story.  Someday, like me, you may understand that your negative experience allowed you to become a Champion and inspire thousands with your inventions, successes, and example!

This video shares it all:  I hope you enjoy and write me to tell me your story...
Lee Brandon's Story

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Monday, July 1, 2013



I hope you're doing well. It was a while ago that I had the opportunity to blog with you all.

I had the opportunity to present at the PGA Golf Tradeshow in Orlando last January, and was interviewed by but the Amazing APP Magazine: YouWorkout.

My feature piece in this latest issue, as finally been released on the Apple App Store!

Here is a link to find the magazine on iTunes:

My feature, according to author Zoe Sophos, "Lends a great depth and balance to the magazine, which would not have been possible without your generosity and willingness to give us your time. For that, I am incredibly grateful and extend my sincerest appreciation. We are also very honored and excited to say that YouWorkout Volume 3 has recently been named to the top spot of the "What's Hot" section of the Health, Mind and Body genre on iTunes.

This is an amazing format and powerful publishing of great workout information and I am so grateful to be included in this amazing pioneering effort!

The Annual subscription is $7.99 for 4 issues, but the wisdom in its pages is well worth it.  I found it user friendly (if I can navigate is easily, I know all of you's so intuitive).

*I am not affiliated with them, so I make nothing for this endorsement.  I will always promote great products for your arsenal!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Longer Drives! "Blonde Bomber Returns"

Snapshots documenting my first drives in 4 years!

Carol Davis (left) and I at PGA demo day Jan. 2013

Scott McKern(Marketing director for Nike Golf) and  I

The "great" Tom Stites (Ben Hogan's club designer and engineer)
With my sights set on dedicating myself to my Olympians and preparation for London Olympics last August, I had to dedicate myself to that great opportunity!

In January 2013, I had the blessing of being invited to present at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida.
Golf is such a humbling sport...It's certainly not like riding a bike!  I felt like I was starting all over again after 4 years of not hitting.
I have been blessed to be the Two-Time World Long Drive Champion, and finally decided that I love this sport soooo much that I am tossing my hat back into the arena this year in support of this great power sport!
I will be documenting my humbling process here as I reinvent my swing over "50"!  Avoiding injury is my priority as I strive for a better impact position and speed.  Stay tuned...the jury is out!

Mark your schedules for the World Championships September 18th, 2013 in Mesquite Nevada.

The great Vice "the Pasta-Guy" and I discussing my new swing changes

My "impact position" today

My swing speeds around just have to hit it flush
Wednesday, September 18
Legends Division                                             9:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Grand Champions Division                               12:30 PM - 3:15 PM
Ladies Division                                                4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Thursday, September 19
Senior Division                                                9:00 AM - 3:15 PM
Masters Division                                              4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Friday, September 20
Super Senior Division                                      9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Senior Division: Round 8 - 10                           3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Saturday, September 21
3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Masters Division Semifinal & Final
Legends Division Semifinal & Final
Women's Division Semifinal & Final
Grand Champions Division Semifinal & Final
Super Senior Division Semifinal & Final
Senior Division Quarterfinal, Semifinal & Final

Friday, June 28, 2013


Ms. Lisa Wojciechowski departs ABNST, LLC after 11 years of Co-managing the company 

As president and owner of Ab-vanced Neu-spine Technnologies, LLC,  I would like to formally announce that Ms Lisa Wojciechowski,  one of the original co-founding members and my business partner since our inception in 2002,  will be leaving her position as a managing member as well as the VP of Business Affairs of ABNST.    Prior to a personal loss in her family two years ago,  Ms Wojciechowski played an integral role in the design, development, manufacture and delivery of ABNST's flagship product, known as the Ab-Inforcer.  Through myriad development challenges,  Ms Wojciechowski's tireless commitment and perseverance in combination with her professional expertise and our shared belief in the importance and relevance of the technology, was instrumental in helping me to realize my dream of delivering the Ab-Inforcer to the fitness world.   We wish her success in all of her future business ventures and look forward to her continued support of the ABNST and Ab-Inforcer.