Thursday, April 28, 2011

Olympic Committee Named Marcus Rogan "A Legend of the Sport"

Santa Monica, California:  

Marcus Rogan stated:  " It is such an honor to be declared a "Legend of Sport" By the Olympic committee today!  It is amazing to be one of 26 in its history to have this honor."

"Marcus is the ultimate Vetruvian man"
Marcus' work ethic is why his career has
had such great longevity

Marcus training with Chains

Lee Brandon, CSCS (Strength and Conditioning Specialist coach) with Marcus 

Marcus Rogan and Michael Alexandrov Driving hard in preparation for London 2012
*Special thanks to Judy Francesconi for Photographs.

The term ‘Legend’ has several meanings! 

According to some dictionaries, it can mean; ‘an unverified story handed down from earlier times, especially one popularly believed to be historical.’ It might mean; ‘An explanatory table or list of the symbols appearing on a map or chart.’ Or in the case of the swimming world, a ‘Legend’ is; ‘one that inspires legends or achieves legendary fame.’ 

A Legend of the sport is someone who has made significant contributions or achieved uncommon accomplishments en route to leaving an indelible mark on the history of the sport. These are individuals who have set new standards, created new trends and driven the bar to new heights as they have blazed the trails of their careers.
Without individuals like Marcus Rogan, the Olympic Sport of Swimming would have less to measure itself against. The swimming world, minus Marcus's  involvement, would likely be in a much less advanced state than it is. 

The drive of dominating competition, on and off the water has left a trail of history that some are witness to, yet few are a aware of.

A press conference announcing the Olympic committee's decision is set to announce the news internationally on May 17th, 2011.

Personal information
Full nameMarkus Antonius Rogan
Country Austria
College teamStanford Cardinal (USA) (2000-2004)
Date of birth4 May 1982 (age 28)
Place of birthVienna, Austria
Height6' 5" (195 cm)
Weight205 lbs (93 kg)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Target Zone -- Abs and Lower Body

You can do hundreds of crunches and not see any results but a new tool lets you know if you're doing those crunches correctly.

Sit-ups and crunches are great ways to workout abdominal muscles, but if you're doing them wrong, you're wasting your time. At first glance, it appears to be something you'd order on late night TV, yet the AB-Inforcer might surprise you. It claims to guide your movements so you're not wasting your time in the gym.
"It's a generic orthotic for the spine and it uses light, sound and vibration to let you know if you're doing your core exercises properly," explained Lee Brandon, the creator of the AB-Inforcer.
Brandon says it can stretch, strengthen and rehabilitate your body's core using sensory cues.
The motto is, "Turn your lights on." The head and spine are placed on sensors with buzzers. Monitor lights show if the abdominal muscles are firing correctly or not. This machine won't lie, which is something physical therapists and doctors appreciate.
"The thing about it is, people cheat. They're going to start using their neck muscles. When they're trying to do sit- ups, their head is trying to pull their body," said Alex Youssefian, a physical therapist with U.S. Health Works.
In other words, you can do 100 crunches, but if you're doing them wrong, you're wasting your time.
Even athletes sometimes perform core exercises improperly.
"Many times in yoga or Pilates, they're doing a flat back on the floor routine so there's no lordotic arch anymore, which is vital to maintaining spinal health. You have to have the lordotic curve while you're performing the exercises," emphasized Dr. Joseph Sullivan, a chiropractor.
"If you're not sure where to do that exercise or where to benefit the spine the best, then what happens is that it winds up only training the strong component of your body. So what's strong gets stronger and what's weak gets weaker," explained Brandon.
"One thing we all have in common is the bending and the lifting. So, the spine ultimately needs to be retrained to hold onto neutral and turn on the correct core stabilizers," Brandon added.
To own one, you'll have to pay about $595. It's pricey, yet some fitness professionals and gyms are putting them into their program. This machine might just be the ticket to prevent injuries down the road.
For more on the Ab Inforcer visit

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"RISE AND WALK": NY Jets Inspired by Dennis Byrd

April 27th, 2011:  "RISE AND WALK":   NY Jets Inspired by Dennis Byrd

In 1990-1992, Lee Brandon, CSCS was the Assistant Strength coach for the NY Jets.  

Mr. Hess (GM and owner of the Jets) often stated direct to Lee, "your the young woman causing all the stir around here, you know no other woman is doing what your doing in the NFL, keep up the great job!"  
Looking back, Ken O'Brian was quarterback, Coach Coslet was the Head coach, Pete Caroll (now with Seattle) was the Offensive line coach, Freeman Mc Niel was the Running back, Trevor Matich (now ESPN Collegiate reporter),  Marty Lyon, Scottie Merseraeu and Dennis Byrd were a D-Line power house!
NY TIMES:  1990  Lee supervising Bench Press Test
Brett Miller was Lee's first job in the weight room.  Lee had to spot Brett bench pressing #495 and she proceeded to dead lift it off his chest. 

She describes:  "It was a pivotal moment," stated Lee.  "Everyone in that environment has to trust that you can lift the weight off an athlete if necessary."  Lee remembers, "you could have heard a pin drop in the weight room, as all heads turned watching me standing over Brett's head, yelling-- 2 more.  I had to basically dead lift the bar off his chest as he failed to drive the weight upwards.  We racked the weight (5 huge plates on each side), and all the players broke into explosive applause!  I was in!"
Lee specialty was working with Offensive/ Defensive lines, wide receivers and punters.  "Scotty and Dennis were close;  they were training partners in the gym, and when their accident happened, it was devastating to us all."  

This January 2011, with Mark Sanchez at the helm, the NY Jets faced New England as an underdog.  "My heart will always be with the Jets, and when I heard that Dennis (Byrd) had delivered his #90 back to them before the game and was invited as a secret guest to come and address the team prior to the game, I know in my heart that this had the potential to be a defining moment!  And indeed, it was," remembers Lee.  "Seeing Dennis walk in this video made me cry, and inspires me today to push even harder toward my goals."  

Look at what can be done when one truly believes!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

FBINAA Annual Training Conference 2011: Guest Speaker, Lee Brandon, CSCS

FBINAA Annual Training Conference
Long Beach, California:  July 23rd, 2011

We are honored and pleased to announce that Lee Brandon, CSCS has been invited to be an educational keynote speaker at the annual FBINAA Annual Training Conference, on the topic of "Beyond The Yellow Brick Road:  From Loss to Success."
"I am so grateful for the opportunity to give back to our men and women in the service of our country in any capacity," states Lee.  
The Events theme is "embracing change and "delivering an educational segment that resonates with everyone in a motivational, inspiring, high powered segment is our primary goal," Lee explained.

Lee had her left arm reattached in 1979 after falling through a plate glass window.  She had been a Nationally ranked athlete in her teens in Track and Field.  
Loosing her Olympic Dreams due to injury, Lee pressed to create champions!  She worked as the first female Strength coach in the NFL, and in her 40's, became a 2 Time International Long Drive Champion, proving that, "Driving the Distance" at any age takes years of commitment and hard work!  Lee recently has been named a Strength Coach for the London 2012 Olympics.

 Lee Brandon, CSCS,  Author Lee Brandon has spoken to tens of thousands of students, parents, clients, and educators. Her commitment over the years has been to organize and provide educational services that support and enhance healthy, success-orientated living--for the long term. Lee is a pioneer in the health and Fitness industry with the development of AB-VANCED NEU-SPINE® technologies, which is the "missing link" in the world of health, sport and fitness.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

London 2012 Olympic Tickets: The Facts


There are 26 Olympic sports but 39 disciplines in total. There will be 302 medal events and 649 sessions of sport to watch.

A higher-than-expected 8.8million.

The price will vary according to the event. Each event will have different ticket prices, ranging from £20 to £725. 
Organisers say 90 per cent will cost £100 or less, two-thirds will be £50 or less and 30 per cent £20 or less.
There will also be 11 free ticket sessions for sports such as triathlon, the marathon, race walking, road cycling and sailing.

Yes, for around 220 sessions and 1.3 million tickets.
Children 16 and under on July 27 2012 will pay their age. 
Those 60 and older on the same date will play a flat £16.
This offer will not include tickets for any final but will cover every sport. 
Wheelchair prices include a companion seat. 
Children will also be able to go along thanks to a ticket share scheme. 50,000 tickets have gone to the London Mayor, 50,000 to the Government and 25,000 to sporting bodies.
The Mayor's tickets will go to children in London, the Government's to secondary schools around the UK.

March 2011.

Register online at

Read more:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Pain Is Temporary": Sights on Olympic Gold XXX London 2012, 489 days left

'Death in the weight room, brings to life hopes
for the Olympic Podium!'  Marcus exclaimed!
Marcus Rogan and Michael Alexandrov do
Farmer Carry Drills with
Lee in tow behind creating resistance

'Often, the only thing between dreams 
and reality is a lot of pain'

'You think you can do anything if it 
only lasts two minutes? Think again...'

Marcus exclaimed:  'Lee takes your ego down a notch
 and your performance up two'

'Silver Chains in route to higher heights!'

Slave Forman...

'What do Lee Brandon, CSCS and a slave foreman, 
or Xena have in common? Nothing!  She's stronger, 
meaner and has a
 bigger heart...
Oh, and she's a blonde!'

Mike Alexandrov, Lee and Marcus Rogan
 work hard at duplicating 
great spine angles and posture!

Santa Monica, California:   Lee Brandon, CSCS coordinated a powerful sequence of personalized exercises for the Olympians Marcus Rogan and Michael Alexandrov.   

Sarah, Lee and Dr. Harry Sneider

Special guests Dr. Harry Sneider and wife Sarah came to view what was going on, on the West side gym.   Dr. Sneider shared, "What an inspiration Lee is to us as well as the athletes that she trains!  We saw things that she executed that were highly creative, functional, and very challenging. 
We think she has two medallists in the 2012 Olympics training under her leadership!"  

Lee, Marcus, Dr. Sneider, Sarah Sneider, Michael Alexandrov
When asked, Lee shared, "What a special moment to have Dr. Harry and Sarah here for this workout!  They gave me a chance and we worked together from 1980-1984 in preparing athletes for the LA Olympiad.  32 years later, my mentors , who encouraged and inspired me on my path, came to see our growth!  WOW!!!  The air was crackling in the gym with Champion-electrons..."
*A Huge special thank you to Judy Francesconi for her gifted eye in capturing these special moments on her camera!   All photo's provided courtesy of Francesconi  Photography.