Monday, June 18, 2012


The Secret of Olympic Champions 17 Days to London

This is such an exciting time, that we are blessed to be a part of every 4 years:  THE SUMMER OLYMPICS are upon us.  Olympians train tirelessly to achieve the allusive GOLD!  One of my favorite quotes is "no one has ever drown in a puddle of sweat!"  Tireless perseverance and unswerving goal oriented focus is the Stuff Gold medals are made of!
Ask my guys:  Austrian Olympic Legend of sport and 2 Time Silver Medalist,
Markus Rogan(@mahrqoos),
Omar Pinzon(@OmarPinzon), 

and Micheal Alexandrov(@alexandrov59).
What million dollar secret do these elite athletes have access to that the average one of us, doesn't?  Nothing!  Technology has given us access to some of the greatest swim and strength coaches, with the click of a button.  
 I have had the honor of studying under some of the greatest coaches(Dr. Harry Sneider-1984 Olympics, Greg Robinson--NY Jets 1991 to name just two) and training some of the greatest athletes in the world.   I can tell you that there are genetic mutants (gifted in mind, genetics, mental attitude and speed of name a few champion traits).  But, some of the most inspiring athletic acomplishments have come from those of us who are average, applying above average technique and good form to all forms of sport and training.  
One million dollar secret I am sharing with you here that makes Olympic swimmer faster, sprinters quicker, jumpers leap higher, is "TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON" 
and connect your LATS TO YOUR ASS (gluteus)."
Markus Rogan doing "Dead Bugs" with resistance(video below)
Look at the amazing development at the belt line as the LATS connect to the Ass(gluteus)!
These two coaching phrases are from a tool we train on in our arsenal called the AB-Inforcer(R) Core Biofeedback Trainer.  Its intensity that it brings to a workout with a focus on form is unsurpassed.  
Mike Alexandrov, in on the AB-Inforcer "Keeping his lights on" (I am holding the Hand piece) as Markus Rogan drops a #16 pound medicine ball to his chest as he explosively does a breast stroke move while throwing the ball as high as possible!

Uncompromising form and intensity combine in a perfect training storm to create bigger, faster, stronger, more explosive body--Genetic mutant to motor challenged athlete-- results are enevitable!
Omar Pinzon stated:  "When I go to London to win the Gold, I am packing my tooth brush and my AB-Inforcer"

Markus Rogan, Lee Brandon, and  
Ous Mellouli, the world's reigning Olympic and World Championships gold medalist in the 1500m freestyle and a former NCAA champion and All-American at USC
--All headed to London

Many of you have asked to help me get to London.  All proceeds will go to getting me there to help prep the guys for their events and get home.  Every little bit adds up and I am so grateful to all of you for helping make my Olympic dreams come true!  Every little bit counts and I promise to keep you all updated here!  XXX Lee