Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Pain Is Temporary": Sights on Olympic Gold XXX London 2012, 489 days left

'Death in the weight room, brings to life hopes
for the Olympic Podium!'  Marcus exclaimed!
Marcus Rogan and Michael Alexandrov do
Farmer Carry Drills with
Lee in tow behind creating resistance

'Often, the only thing between dreams 
and reality is a lot of pain'

'You think you can do anything if it 
only lasts two minutes? Think again...'

Marcus exclaimed:  'Lee takes your ego down a notch
 and your performance up two'

'Silver Chains in route to higher heights!'

Slave Forman...

'What do Lee Brandon, CSCS and a slave foreman, 
or Xena have in common? Nothing!  She's stronger, 
meaner and has a
 bigger heart...
Oh, and she's a blonde!'

Mike Alexandrov, Lee and Marcus Rogan
 work hard at duplicating 
great spine angles and posture!

Santa Monica, California:   Lee Brandon, CSCS coordinated a powerful sequence of personalized exercises for the Olympians Marcus Rogan and Michael Alexandrov.   

Sarah, Lee and Dr. Harry Sneider

Special guests Dr. Harry Sneider and wife Sarah came to view what was going on, on the West side gym.   Dr. Sneider shared, "What an inspiration Lee is to us as well as the athletes that she trains!  We saw things that she executed that were highly creative, functional, and very challenging. 
We think she has two medallists in the 2012 Olympics training under her leadership!"  

Lee, Marcus, Dr. Sneider, Sarah Sneider, Michael Alexandrov
When asked, Lee shared, "What a special moment to have Dr. Harry and Sarah here for this workout!  They gave me a chance and we worked together from 1980-1984 in preparing athletes for the LA Olympiad.  32 years later, my mentors , who encouraged and inspired me on my path, came to see our growth!  WOW!!!  The air was crackling in the gym with Champion-electrons..."
*A Huge special thank you to Judy Francesconi for her gifted eye in capturing these special moments on her camera!   All photo's provided courtesy of Francesconi  Photography.

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